Things You Need

Espresso Machine
Hario V60 Drip Scale
Filtered Water
Fat Poppy Ceramic Diner Mug
Fat Poppy Coffee

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Grind 22-24 grams of whole beans (fine-ish) directly into your clean portafilter. We recommend that you use a 22 gram VST filter basket
  • Collapse the coffee into the portafilter until the coffee has been distributed evenly
  • Tamp the coffee evenly and ensure there is a flat surface on top. Assert around 15 kilograms of pressure and if you are using a VST filter basket, we recommend that you use a 58.4mm flat tamp
  • Do not knock the sides (lugs) of the portafilter, rather wipe away any left over coffee with your fingers
  • Gently insert the portafilter into the group head, activating your group head and starting your timer at the same time
  • Make sure your cup or mug is placed on a scale to measure how much liquid extracts out
  • Your Espresso should pour slow-ish and your timer should end up anywhere between 28-32 seconds (depending on the ratio you use) and your liquid should weigh around 44-50 grams (also depending on the ratio you use)
  • Drink and enjoy!