Things You Need

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Place your Plunger on a scale
  • Boil filtered water and pour 40 grams into your plunger for pre-heating- when the Plunger is fully heated, tip the water out
  • Use burr grinder to grind your desired amount of whole beans (coarse). Use a ratio of 75 grams of coffee to 1litre of water
  • Place the coffee into the bottom of the Plunger, to create an even coffee bed
  • Take the water off boil and rest it for 1 minute, or until the water is approximately 93-96 Degrees Celsius
  • Pour 50 grams of water onto the coffee bed and stir rigorously with your stirrer until all the coffee is consistently saturated
  • Wait 30 seconds for the coffee to de-gas and then using your ratio pour the rest of your desired amount of water in the centre of the coffee bed
  • Place the top of the Plunger on and let the coffee sit for 4 minutes, this enables the coffee to steep
  • Plunge slowly for 20 seconds- the total brew time should be around 5 minutes
  • Drink and Enjoy!