Awesome variety of Single origin coffees to choose from and always a pleasurable experience. Best coffee.
Sasha is amazing & her coffee is incredible!!! I love working with Fat Poppy beans as a batista because people love the taste!! Xx
We gifted Fat Poppy Coffee to our wedding guests. Sasha went above and beyond to make each bag of delicious beans special. Since then, we’ve received lots of comments from our family and friends saying how much they loved the coffee. The Hollywood Blend is our go to, but it’s fun to mix it up and try the other flavours. It’s easy to order online and it’s quickly delivered to my door to make in the comfort of my home. The merchandise available online is super cute too!
Ive always had a great coffee at each of the cafes serving Fat Poppy on the Central Coast and since first tasting the Hollywood blend its been a staple at home. Love looking through the options on the website for which single origin I can add to the weekly order and keep exploring!
Love this coffee!! Quality is amazing and easy to order online. It's now the only coffee I have in my house!
I enjoy my Fat Poppy Coffee any way I can.. I have it at home, I love having it at one of many of my favourite cafes and we also had beautiful personalised bags of coffee beans as a take home gift for all guests at our wedding! Such a lovely touch!
We first came across Fat Poppy when we were looking for a unique and personal idea for wedding favors... My partner and I both love coffee and thought this would be an amazing (not to mention delicious) momento for our guests to take home. Turns out we were right- they were a total hit, there wasn't even 1 bag left for us to take home!!We couldn't be happier with the service from Sasha at Fat Poppy- she went over and above to make sure everything was perfect!
I don't usually post reviews, so this maybe a little mashed up.I was at a wedding a recently and they had these custom designed ground coffee bags, from Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters, as their bonbonnieres. I didn't know the couple that well (plus 1) and thought, mmm, coffee as a gift, kind of brilliantly unique. Even got the artist from Fat Poppy to do a sketch of them for the label. Perfect touch, beautiful.Back to me, I cracked open the bag on the night (bad, i know), had a big sniff. Not just a pretty face. Ahh, heaven. May have been bad manners but I Google'd it then and there (yup, got some pointed looks but blame the bride and groom). Needed to know where to buy, if it tasted as heavenly as it smelled, I'm not waiting to get more.So, yes, of course it did, otherwise there'd be no review. I get it home delivered, now.Thank You, Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters, you've made my coffee time most enjoyable.
Loooove Fat Poppy coffee!!! So delicious and rich in flavour without any bitterness! The perfect cup of coffee that everyone must'll be hooked!!
Always enjoy the Fat Poppy Hollywood- drink it everyday and it’s the closest I’ll get to the actual place. Also really like the artwork on the label.
Fat poppy coffee is the most enjoyable coffee i have ever had the pleasure of drinking, Sash and the teamAt fat poppy are professional yet friendly and approachable. Sasha’s knowledge about ANYTHING coffee related is second too none and her passion for coffee and fat poppy is nothing i have ever seen in anyone! ❤️
Unmistakable! Once you’ve tried fat poppy you will instantly recognise the high standard and delicious taste. They go out of their way to offer a Product of integrity and never at the cost of Quality , taste and competitive pricing! Can’t rave about them highly enough!!!
Cannot rave about Sasha and fat poppy enough!! The depth of flavour and the consistent quality of both their signature blend and single origin is second to none. My husband and I loved Fat Poppy so much we asked Sasha to make create bespoke coffee bags for our wedding guests! Cannot get a better quality of coffee or service than Sasha and Fat Poppy Coffee!
The only coffee I can drink without milk! Fat Poppy has a delicious depth of flavour, since discovering Fat Poppy we have become addicted to making our own coffee at home as opposed to going out for coffee. If you consider yourself a coffee lover and you haven’t tried it you must!!
Gotta say I'm a massive fan of Fat Poppy coffee. Hollywood blend... So yummy!
Fat Poppy is definitely favourite in our house hold. With exceptional customer service and quality, I would highly recommend to anyone!
I first had the pleasure in tasting Fat Poppy Coffee at a cafe on the Coast, first sip... I was hooked! I’ve followed them ever since and am so excited to be able to order online and have this little beauty at home. Customer service and online order is a pure dream, highly recommend!!! Thanks Fat Poppy Coffee xx
Love the aroma and the taste of the blend but also love trying the different single origins available. Online ordering is easy as and the coffee is always fresh to my door.
One of the smoothest coffee blends on the scene! Absolutely loved it the first time I tired it...and now I always have a fresh bag on the kitchen bench. The ultimate FPC fan right here �
Fat poppy is a serious delight to the taste bud. I was so excited to find out that they do home delivery so I can get my fat poppy fix anytime! Oh and they also do the best personalized wedding favor coffee bags!!! Such a treat ❤️
Not only do I love Fat Poppy coffee, I love the people who run it. We were lucky enough to have Fat Poppy at our wedding (bags given out as favours) and the compliments we received from our guests were epic. Everyone unanimously agreed it was the best coffee they'd tasted. I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone, from hardcore coffee aficionados to occasional drinkers. YUM!
It wasn’t a mistake when I packed a heap of fat poppy beans into my luggage to return to London ! I live for my drip coffee every morning! So many Delicious blends and Im a little obsessed with the new packaging.
Seriously amazing coffee made with so much care and thought.
Love this coffee. Online purchase is easy and delivery is prompt and no fuss.
So my friends still giggle about it taking me an eternity for me to try coffee. I was never really a fan of the taste. So when I did muster up the balls, I went from having shots of espresso with 5 sugars (to ingest it quickly), to almond mocha’s. I know, I was definitely an amateur coffee face. I don’t drink cow’s milk and I don’t like bitter coffee, so my options were limited. So when I stumbled upon Fat Poppy Coffee, to my surprise and delight, I found a coffee I didn’t need to override with sugar. I could drink it black because it was so smooth, tasty, and really gave me a good buzz that kept me going all day (without the sugar crash). There is no bitter after taste, there are so many cool flavours to choose from, and the best part- I can get it delivered! No more I say, to wasting my mornings lining up hoping my order would come out as intended! So, thank you Fat Poppy, you’re a damn good find! You’re reliable, always prompt to deliver, considerate business owners who don’t rip off the plant or people, and you’re just bloody delicious 😋
When I found out fat poppy home delivered I was so happy, by far my favorite coffee. So smooth and delicious. Now I can make it myself all the time.Am also loving all the cool new labeling, great for gifts for my coffee loving friends.
I usually drink a single-origin double-shot ristretto. I tried the café blend at Dachsund in Hunters Hill, and loved it — full, rich & creamy. Now I find The Box at Ettalong has the same blend. I hate take-away, so I take my own little cup and sit on the sandstone wall while my wife has her flat white, each taking in the soothing water view. I hope more Central Coast cafés serve Fat Poppy soon.
I first found out about these guys on the Central Coast, now I get it home delivered and it never fails to impress 🙂