Set + Save with a Fat Poppy Coffee Subscription

Fat Poppy Coffee Subscriptions

Remember that time you forgot to order coffee? Never fear, Subs are here! 🦸🏻‍♂️ But what the heck is a Sub?! Strap in pals, because we are about to keep your home or office stocked with the good stuff (psst we’re talking about coffee ☕️) roasted weekly,  freshly ground delivered directly to you! Becoming a […]

Re-using your coffee grounds

Re-use your coffee grinds

Don’t throw those coffee grounds away, check out these 5 tips for re-using them! 🗑 ♻️ 🌱 🪴 Your garden will be like a kid on Christmas morning if you sprinkle your leftover coffee grounds on them. Boy, will they grow! You see, coffee grounds contain several key minerals for plant growth – nitrogen, calcium, […]

Moccamaster Masterclass

Hands up if you’re that coffee friend who gets stuck in the kitchen making everyone coffee at parties, holidays, Christmas Day, and so on?! 🙋 It’s both flattering and annoying right? Let us give you a word of advice – do yourself and favour and get a Moccamaster… like now, hurry! You can brew one pot […]

More NEW: Single Origin from Kenya and Costa Rica

Not only do Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters have our new peachy Ethiopia and malty Nicaragua single origin coffees available online, we now have two more newbies to add the mix; one jammy and one tropical…. Meet Kenya! If sipping on a dessert wine or devouring a bowl of sweet red cherries sounds delicious to you, you’ll love this […]

We’ve got TWO of something NEW! (Psst new single o’s…)

New Fat Poppy Roasters Single Origin

Introducing our new Single O’s that have hit Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters this week. First up, we have a peachy number from Ethiopia.  Love peaches and ice-cream? Then you’ll love this one. 🍑 Where is it from? These fruity beans were farmed by a very passionate grower, Tesfaye Bekele. His farm can be found in […]

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Fat Poppy …and if you do…well, high fives to you ole pal!

Coffee flower and berries

1. Where did it all begin? Well, in a nutshell, it all began with Fat Poppy founder and coffee connoisseur, Sasha. At just 19 years old she was knee-deep (literally) in coffee cherry for months at a time. After working on a coffee plantation, she fell in love with all things coffee. From there, she […]

Understanding Coffee Flavour 🍏🍓🍑

What is flavour? Flavour is what drives all of our business decisions. It’s the most exciting and important aspect of everything we do. We’re always searching for new and unique flavours to share with our coffee community. We think of ourselves as big kids in a candy shop! Perhaps you’ve seen The Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel? It’s a standardised and fairly […]

Understanding Brew Ratios

Understanding Coffee Brew Ratios When brewing coffee, the ratio of coffee to water you use will drastically affect the flavour of your coffee. To understand this better, think of it like making cordial. Too much cordial to water will taste sickly sweet, yet too little cordial to water, will taste watered down and lacking in […]