We believe the more care you put into coffee, the more you get back.

From caring about the people who grow our coffee, to the communities that enjoy it. To ensuring that quality, sustainability, and equality are upheld at every step in the process – it’s all important to us.

Since 2012, we have worked with a variety of organisations, both locally and internationally, to raise awareness and funds for causes we truly believe in. We are particularly passionate about championing women, both in and out of coffee.

We reckon if you have a platform to create positive change in community, then you should use it – here is some of our social good.

Beyond barbed wire

Beyond Barbed Wire (BBW), run by Barnardos Australia, supports socially disadvantaged mums, break the cycle of incarceration, so they can be restored with their children post prison release.

Each year for Mother’s Day, we release our limited edition Mayde for Mums blend in celebration and support of mums. We donate a portion of the blend’s sales to BBW to support some of Australia’s most vulnerable mums. 2021 marks our third year supporting BBW.

BBW is made up of a suite of support services for women. Each mum who voluntarily enters the program is provided with a mentor. The mentor works closely with each mum to overcome all kinds of obstacles, such as housing, parenting skills, and employment. One key aspect of supporting mums in employment is offering them the opportunity to learn new work skills. The program has its very own coffee cart which teaches barista skills! Fat Poppy donates coffee to the ‘Three Wise Women’ cart all year round.

Women's and girls' emergency centre

Family domestic violence is a major national health and welfare issue in Australia. It kills 1 woman every week to her current or former partner; and 1 in 3 Australian women experience violence since the age of 15.

Based in Sydney’s Redfern, Women’s And Girl’s Emergency Centre (WAGEC) create safe spaces for women and children experiencing domestic violence and homelessness. Each night, they accommodate 200 women and children.

For International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021, we partnered with WAGEC by launching our Fearless Women campaign to raise awareness and funds for women and children combatting domestic violence and homelessness.

Fearless Women celebrated the diversity of women’s fearlessness by sharing the struggles and triumphs of women in our community. It captured the importance of sharing stories and highlighted no woman is alone in her struggles.

We donated $5 from every IWD purchase to WAGEC. With our donation WAGEC was able to set up two new homes for women and children escaping dangerous situations. And provide two therapeutic family workshops for mums and kids to heal together.

Share the dignity

Share the Dignity strives to help women in need, by distributing sanitary items to women who are homeless, at-risk, and experiencing domestic violence. They also fund funerals for victims of domestic violence and campaign for justice for women in Australia.

In March 2019, a portion of our sales were donated to Share the Dignity. We’re so proud to say that through coffee we helped 400 women and girls in need. The money donated enabled Share the Dignity to purchase 400 period packs, which filled 6 entire vending machines with stock. The vending machines were placed in socially disadvantaged schools, libraries and shelters right across Australia, and were made free for women and girls in need.


Did you know that coffee is Burundi’s largest export? This means many communities in Burundi rely on coffee to support their families. However, because of hardships, like poverty, there is little expendable income to invest in their coffee production, meaning productivity remains low.

In 2019, we went on a mission to buy farmers of Burundi a heap of new coffee trees with the Awaka Project, supporting farmers in Burundi to escape poverty in a sustainable way. We released our limited edition Burundi Single Origin coffee and with every coffee bag we sold, we planted 20 coffee trees.

With the support of our Fat Poppy community, we bought 384 coffee trees for farmers of Burundi, which helped break the poverty cycle, and helped them focus on doing what they love… producing great coffee!

same cup

Since 2018, we have been a proud sponsor of Same Cup, which is a not-for-profit organisation striving for more diversity and inclusion in positions of power and influence in the Specialty Coffee Industry.

Same Cup focuses on women and LGBTQI+ with a longterm plan of shining a light on all marginalised communities.