Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters
Introducing Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters, the caffeinated crusaders who stormed onto the scene in 2012, led fearlessly by Sasha – a trailblazing coffee connoisseur who’s as bold as an extra shot espresso! 🌟 With a mission as strong as your first invigorating cup of the day, Fat Poppy embarked on a journey to redefine the coffee experience, stirring up a storm in the coffee world that even your morning caffeine buzz can’t match!
But wait, the plot thickens! Cue the entrance of Black Drum Roasters in 2023 – talk about a match brewed in heaven! Their paths crossed with Fat Poppy, and before you could say “double shot latte,” a union was formed that’s as empowering as mastering your favourite brew at home or supplying your local cafe! 🥳
By acquiring Fat Poppy, Black Drum turned up the heat on their commitment to ethical sourcing, community empowerment, and championing women in the coffee industry. Talk about a brew-tiful partnership that’s as smooth as your favourite cold brew on a summer day!
So here’s to Fat Poppy and Black Drum – the dynamic duo that continues to inspire coffee lovers everywhere to sip with purpose, one flavour-packed brew at a time! ☕🌱🌍