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Bean meaning to ask us something?👇

Do you grind your coffee beans?

Yes, we grind your coffee fresh to order. Select your grind type under the ‘grind’ tab upon purchase.

What brew types do you grind coffee for?

All brew types! Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger, Aeropress, Pourover, Batch Brewer, Reusable Pods.

Do you charge extra to grind my coffee?

Absolutely not, it’s a free service!

How do I know if your espresso grind will work in my machine?

Finding one perfect ‘grind particle size’ to suit every single ‘domestic espresso machine’ that exists is impossible!

So, the grind particle size we have chosen for espresso is suitable for more modern domestic espresso machines, or in other words, espresso machines that brew with a minimum of 9 bars of pressure.

If you have an older (or very cheap) domestic espresso machine, that does not brew with 9 bars of pressure, we recommend selecting a courser grind size – such as, pour over!