From: $39.00 / month
From: $39.00 / month

Got a Pod question?👇

Which machines can I use your pods with?

Our pods are compatible with all original style Nespresso® coffee machines including but not only the following: Citiz, Lattisima, Lattisima Premium, Lattissima Plus, Le Cube, Pixie, Essenza, Expert, Maestria, U, Inissia, Creatista, Concept, Prodigio etc. Our pods do not fit the new Vertuo line of Nespresso® machines or commercial Nespresso® flat disc capsules.


What are your pods made from?

Our biodegradable and compostable pods are made from a plant-based composite. They are made entirely from sugarcane and sugar beet. This means that the complete pod, including the foil, is made from plant materials.

How do I dispose of my coffee pods?

After usage, you can throw the pod in your green council compost bin or your normal household bin.

Under the right industrial set conditions, they will fully break-down into compost. Our pods are hermetically sealed, with a plant-based oxygen barrier to keep our coffee as fresh as possible. This means that our entire pod can be chewed up, and spat out by our little microbial friends, leaving behind biomass, CO2 and water.

Can I put your pods in my home compost?

We cannot guarantee this, as it depends on the variability of soil composition, temperature, humidity, and a heap of other factors. We recommend a commercial facility, as under the right industrial set conditions, they will fully break down into compost.