Purchase with a Purpose 🐨

purchase with a purpose

We’re all about giving back to our local communities and¬†right now, we’ve got local furry friends in need of urgent help.

Droughts and bushfires have heavily reduced the number of koalas in the wild, with thousands of koalas killed and over 30% of koala habitats being wiped out during the bushfires in NSW alone. And now, this furry national treasure has just been listed as endangered in NSW, QLD + ACT. 🥺

Koala are endangered

With the arrival of our oh-so-cute¬†Koala Tee¬†featuring artwork from our oh-so-creamy¬†Decaf Blend, it was a quadruple thumbs* up from us to donate $5 FROM EVERY PURCHASE to help save our oh-so-furry koala friends. 👍👍👍👍
*Fun fact: koalas have four thumbs!

The money¬†will go towards adopting koalas from¬†Koala Hospital Port Macquarie. For every¬†ten Tees¬†purchased in either¬†white¬†or¬†pink, we’ll adopt¬†one wild koala! 🐨