Let’s Talk Roast Levels 🔥

Fat Poppy Roast Levels

Imagine the taste of coffee as a puzzle 🧩, with pieces like the ORIGIN of the beans, ALTITUDE, BEAN VARIETY, and PROCESSING METHODS coming together for a perfect brew.

Well pals, the plot thickens as ROAST LEVELS are also a piece to this coffee puzzle…

1. Light-Medium Roast – Where Beans Shine Bright 
Ever noticed the radiant character of light-medium roast beans? It’s like they’re preserving their natural charm, bringing you a cup that’s bright! It’s coffee’s way of saying, “I woke up like this.” 🤩

Fat Poppy Hollywood Blend

2. Medium Roast – A Harmony of Flavours
In the realm of coffee, the medium roast is like a well-orchestrated symphony.🎶 It strikes the perfect balance between origin flavours and subtle roasted notes, creating a sip that’s both familiar and delightful.

Fat Poppy Coffee Hollywood Blend

3. Dark Roast – Bold Brews
Bold, rich, and robust – if coffee had an amusement park, the dark roast would be the rollercoaster – rich, robust, and guaranteed to give you a flavour thrill! 🎢 🤪