Give to Mum + Give to Mums in need

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the Mum in your life. It’s also a time for us to give back to Mums in need.

When we started Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters in 2012, we had a simple mission…

For many years on Mother’s Day, we release our limited edition Mayde for Mums blend in celebration and support of mums. We donate $5 from every sale of our blend, plus our tees and totes too, to a program that supports some of our most vulnerable mums, Barnardos Australia’s Beyond Barbed Wire. This is our fourth year supporting the program!

Beyond Barbed Wire (BBW) provide support services for women with children transitioning back into the community following release from custody.

They support and help break the cycle of incarceration, so they can be restored with their children. We proudly support the program because we believe all mums need someone to believe in them and children deserve the chance to be with their mums.

When mums are taken into custody and removed from their children; they feel a sense of shame, loss, and doubt their ability to mother. For most mums, the BBW program is the first time someone believes in them. This is the first step in turning their lives around.

This is achieved by creating a suite of support services for the women pre and post-release from prison. The program provides –

  • Parenting education and skills programs aiming to improve parent/child relationships, and build parenting skills and knowledge;
  • Work placement within the local Wellington community;
  • Information about and connections to a range of support services;
  • Transitional accommodation in short-stay housing where needed;
  • Case management or liaison with case management service;
  • Mentoring support from a trained mentor for up to 2 years

So c’mon Fat Poppy pals, grab something for the Mum in your life, which will also help Mums in need!