We turned 10! 🥳

Some of you are lifelong pals of ours, while others are new to the Fat Fam so we thought we’d spill the beans with some Fat Poppy facts.

Here are 10 things you might not know about Fat Poppy.


10 years ago, Sasha, Fat Poppy Founder, was one of the first female-owned coffee roasters in Australia and today is still one of only a few. 🦸🏼‍♀️


Fat Poppy was named by her beloved mother. And thank goodness we’ve only had one person call it Fat Poopy by accident… 💩


Sasha spent two years working on a coffee plantation… not just visited but was knee deep in coffee cherry for months at a time. 👩‍🌾


Since the very beginning Fat Poppy has made it their mission to support vulnerable girls, women, and local communities. 💖


Sasha is an expert Q-grader (coffee taster), and personally selects all our coffees. Sasha is Fat Poppy’s secret weapon. 👅


Did you know we use a colour reading device and data tracking software to ensure we roast your coffee to the exact spot errrytime? 🔥


It’s been about a year in the making, but our Blend family is now complete with our totally memorable, Lovelace. 💛


Another newbie to the fam is our 3-month Gift Coffee Subscription so you can trial our Subs (or gift it to a mate if you’re feeling generous 😉).


Behind the scenes, we’ve moved into a brewtiful new place so we can roast, pack, and send all your orders out as fresh as possible 🏠 (we’ll take you behind the scenes soon!).


We turned 10 years old on 21 September so thanks to you, you, oh and you over there with your party pants on…THANK YOU. Without y’all we wouldn’t be here. Mwah! 💋