Supporting the Three Wise Women Café

Beyond Barbed Wire (BBW), run by Barnardos Australia, support and help break the cycle of incarceration, so they can be restored with their children.

When mums are taken into custody and removed from their children; they feel a sense of shame, loss, and doubt their ability to mother. For most mums, the BBW program is the first time someone believes in them. This is the first step in turning their lives around.

This is achieved by creating a suite of support services for the women pre and post-release from prison. One key aspect of supporting mums in employment is offering them the opportunity to learn new work skills. The program even has its very own café (check out the pic!) which teaches barista skills so that’s where we come in…

We love supporting this amazing program and donating Fat Poppy coffee to the Three Wise Women Café all year round. It’s so wonderful that our coffee can be part of such a positive change.