Unlocking the World of Flavour: Explore Our Diverse Coffee Offerings at Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters

Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters

At Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters, we believe that every sip tells a story. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just starting your java journey, our expansive range has something for every palate. From mild to strong blends, globally sourced single origins, and exclusive Geishas, to flexible coffee subscriptions and wholesale partnerships for cafes – we’ve got your coffee cravings covered.

Dive into the Art of Blending: From Mild to Strong, Find Your Perfect Cup

Our curated blends are a testament to the craft of blending. Explore the subtleties of our mild to medium Hollywood and Lovelace blends, offering a smooth and approachable taste, perfect for those easing into the coffee world. For the bold coffee lovers, our strong Blackbird blend delivers a robust and invigorating experience that will awaken your senses.

Embark on a Global Journey with Single Origin Coffees

Travel the world with every sip! Our single origin coffees are sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions across the globe. Each cup is a unique experience, showcasing the distinctive flavors and characteristics of the region it originates from. Immerse yourself in the rich coffee cultures of Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, and beyond. Sign up to our emails so you’re the first to know when a new flavour drops!

Never Run Out with Our Convenient Coffee Subscriptions

Savouring your favourite brew has never been easier. Join our coffee subscription service and have your preferred blends or single origins delivered directly to your doorstep. Whether you’re a weekly enthusiast or a monthly explorer, our subscription plans offer flexibility to match your coffee consumption needs. Bonus: you get FREE shipping always!

Indulge in the Elegance of Geisha Coffees

For the coffee connoisseur seeking the epitome of elegance, our Geisha coffees are new to Fat Poppy and are a rare delight. Grown at high altitudes, these beans are known for their unique flavour profiles, often characterised by floral and fruity notes. Elevate your coffee experience with our exclusive Geisha selections.

Empowering Cafes: Unleash the Potential of Wholesale Coffee

Attention cafe owners and restaurateurs! Our commitment to quality extends to our wholesale partnerships. Elevate your coffee offerings with our premium blends and single origin coffees. Get in touch and partner with us, and let’s craft an exceptional coffee experience for your customers.

Brewing Goodness: Supporting Barnardos Australia’s Beyond Barbed Wire Program

We are not just passionate about crafting exceptional coffees but also about making a positive impact. Year-round, we are proud to contribute to Barnardos Australia’s Beyond Barbed Wire program, providing support and a comforting cup of coffee to those who need it most. This initiative aligns with our belief that coffee has the power to bring communities together and create positive change. With every purchase you make, you’re not just indulging in a delightful coffee experience, but also joining us in fostering a sense of warmth and hope in collaboration with Barnardos Australia.

We’re more than just roasters – we’re storytellers, curators of flavour, and enthusiasts on a mission to redefine your coffee experience. Explore our range, subscribe for convenience, savour the luxury of our new Geishas, and partner with us for wholesale excellence. Your journey into the world of exceptional coffee starts here! 💜