Proud Sponsor of Same Cup – Promoting Diversity

Thanks to our supporters, we are now a proud sponsor of Same Cup

Same Cup is a not-for-profit organisation striving for more diversity and inclusion in positions of power and influence in the specialty coffee industry. Initially they’ll be focusing on women and LGBTQI+, but longterm their plan is to shine a light on all marginalised communities.

More about Same Cup

“In a perfect world we would love to see a diverse cross section of society in jobs that influence and inspire others. We believe that our industry (Australian specialty coffee) is stacked towards the success of individuals who fit a certain mold, people who look and think like the people in power.”

Same Cup will provide an avenue for networking, personal and professional development, education and increasing the visibility and power of the WHOLE coffee community.

Read more about Same Cup here

Why we back Same Cup

Because diversity in leadership is something we advocate for. Diversity at the top means empowerment, new perspectives, and better innovation.

And Because

We ourselves are an all-female-owned coffee roastery, who when we started in 2012, having had an extensive and diverse 10 year specialty coffee career, had never experienced a female boss.

With your support

We can continue to back projects like Same Cup. And hopefully create a specialty coffee industry that’s full of all sorts of diversity, in every part of the supply chain.

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