We are featured in the Beanhunter Coffee Club

We are featured in the Beanhunter Coffee Club this month!

We recently sat down with Beanhunter to chat all things Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters. Check out a snippet of the interview below.

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What makes you unique?

“We pride ourselves on two things: Girl Power and Mastery. Girl Power because we are huge advocates for female leadership, in and out of coffee. We have spent countless volunteer hours mentoring, encouraging, and supporting other women to believe that being ‘their own boss’ is totally possible. And Mastery, because we understand that in order to have a quality focused and ethically minded business, we must control all aspects of the supply chain. We have spent the past 6 years working hard to master every little detail about every single process. This includes knowing who, how, and where all our coffee comes from, investing in projects that bring about good and ensuring our wholesale partners share the same values as us.”

Why are you passionate about the coffee industry?

“Because coffee is awesome (obvs)! But also, because coffee allows you to be so connected to the entire process. For instance, a few years ago, our Founder Sasha, volunteered her time in the Philippines on a mission to help farmers understand how to improve their coffee quality. The farmers she worked with at the time, had no idea how to taste and evaluate their own coffee. With Sasha’s extensive training, they were able to improve their tasting abilities, which had a big impact on the quality of the coffee they produced as well as their living conditions. It’s seriously such a great feeling to know that through coffee you can make a real difference.”


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