Mayde for Mums – in celebration and support of Mums

Each May, we release our limited edition Mayde for Mum’s blend in celebration and support of Mums. Every year a portion of the blend’s sales are donated to a program which is dedicated to helping Mums in need. This year marks our second in supporting the Beyond Barbed Wire program run by Barnardos Australia – 94% of participants who have entered the program have stayed out of prison compared to the national average of 57.1%.

$5 from every Mayde for Mum’s purchase will go directly to the Beyond Barbed Wire program, which supports some of our most vulnerable Mums

What is Beyond Barbed Wire

The Beyond Barbed Wire program is run by Barnardos Australia and is based in Wellington NSW. The program supports Mums who have recently left prison to get back on their feet and be restored with their children. It does this by promoting the importance of parenting skills and by helping Mums find new ways to rejoin their communities.

How Beyond Barbed Wire works

Each Mum who voluntarily enters the program is provided with a mentor. The mentor works closely with each Mum to overcome all kinds of obstacles, such as housing, finances, and employment. One key aspect of supporting Mums in employment is offering them the opportunity to learn new work skills. So, the program also has its very own coffee cart called, Three Wise Women, which teaches barista skills! We think this is so great, that we donate coffee to the Three Wise Women cart all year round!

Why we support Beyond Barbed Wire

As Mums ourselves we understand some of the challenges Mums can face and we also understand just how important it is to have support around you, especially the most vulnerable. We believe every Mum deserves the chance to be the Mum they hope to be! Phillipa’s story is just an example of how the Beyond Barbed Wire program can turn lives around.

Phillipa* is a 32 year old mother of two; Andy* (7 years) and Sophie* (4 years). Andy and Sophie have been returned to Phillipa’s care, after living with various family members for nine months, while Phillipa was in custody.

Phillipa was referred to Beyond Barbed Wire when she breached an intensive corrections order in September 2018 for failing to attend appointments as set out in her order conditions. After Phillipa was matched with a Beyond Barbed Wire case worker and mentor, she enrolled in Hospitality Essentials; gaining a Statement of Attainment in Food Safety, RSA, RCG and Barista Foundations. Once she completed this training she started workplace training in the Barnardos’ coffee van – The Three Wise Women Cafe.

“I love working in the coffee van. I have something to look forward to and feel like I’m needed. My caseworker is always really pleased when I can help at an event. She says I’m a great barista. Having a job again is the best thing that could’ve happened for me and the kids. I don’t have to stress out over how I am going to put food on the table, and I just feel so proud of myself.”

How you can support

You can support by purchasing any of our Mayde for Mum’s gift packs or our Mayde for Mum’s blend this Mother’s Day.

Buy Mayde for Mums gift pack to support Mums in need here

Buy Mayde for Mums blend to support Mums in need here

Read more about Beyond Barbed Wire here




*Source: Beyond Barbed Wire, Annual Report. September 2018 – September 2019