An easy guide to make plunger coffee at home

7 simple steps to make plunger coffee at home

Brewing quality coffee at home doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a 7 step guide to make plunger coffee at home.

What you’ll need

Step 1. Pre-Heat

Pre-heat your plunger by pouring in a slash of boiling water. This ensures your coffee will brew at the desirable temperature.

Step 2. Prepare Coffee

If using whole beans, grind coffee very coarse. It should feel like coarse sand between your fingers. If you are using ground coffee, ensure the coffee has been ground to plunger as particle size matters.

Step 3. Load plunger

Pour the pre-heated water out of the plunger and spoon the ground coffee into an even bed at the bottom of the plunger.

Plungers come in all different sizes. So, depending on the size of your plunger, or in other words, how much water your plunger holds, you’ll have to adjust your measurements accordingly.

If you want to measure:
Use a ratio of 75 grams of coffee to 1litre of water

If you can’t be bothered to measure:
For 1litre of water use approximately 4 heaped dessert spoons

Step 4. Pour

Let the boiled water cool for 2 minutes prior to pouring, this will save burning your brew. Fill the plunger to the top.

Step 5. Sit

Let the brew sit for 4 minutes. You can use the timer on your phone or rock out to your favourite tune.

Step 6. Slow and Steady

Plunge slowly. This process should take about 20 seconds.

Step 7. Pour and enjoy

Pour the plunged coffee into a cup and add a splash of milk if that’s your thang. Then all you now need to do, is sit back and enjoy.

BAM! That’s how you make a simple plunger coffee at home.