Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Fat Poppy …and if you do…well, high fives to you ole pal!

Coffee flower and berries

1. Where did it all begin?

Well, in a nutshell, it all began with Fat Poppy founder and coffee connoisseur, Sasha. At just 19 years old she was knee-deep (literally) in coffee cherry for months at a time. After working on a coffee plantation, she fell in love with all things coffee. From there, she dedicated the next decade to learning everything about coffee, before starting Fat Poppy in 2012.

2. Oh boy, that’s fresh!

So, you’ve purchased a kilo of Hollywood Blend ground perfectly for your espresso machine and you reckon we’ve just had that coffee sitting around like those ready-to-go chopped veggie packs at the supermarket? Absolutely not. We treat your beans with respect. After being freshly roasted they’re ground (for free) and only once you’ve placed your order. Whoa, that’s fresh! Now go check your veggie drawer. There are probs a few things ready for the compost in there. 😉

3. We support communities just down the road and those who are far away

Fat Poppy is passionate about reinvesting in local communities, one of our favs being Beyond Barbed Wire, who support disadvantaged Mums get back on their feet. We donate coffee to their coffee cart all year round and raise extra money for them every Mother’s Day. The founder, Sasha has also worked closely with farmers in the Philippines to improve education and training, as well as reinvested profits into coffee growing communities in Burundi.

4. Who selects our coffee?

Fat Poppy founder, Sasha! She is a super talented Q-grader. Erm, what the heck does that mean? So, you know what a sommelier is right?! A trained wine professional, so a Q-grader is kinda like that but for coffee. Her taste buds are super special 👅 and she personally selects all the fab-brew-lous (sorry) Fat Poppy flavours you enjoy.

Handy hint: there are taste notes from Sasha for every coffee on our website, so you can select a coffee flavour that works for your taste buds

5. Ethically and sustainably sourced? You betcha.

We source our coffee directly from producers whenever we can and where that might not be possible we source it through partners we 100% trust. We ensure the producers we partner with pay a fair price to their employees too.

6. So remember that time you forgot to order coffee? Never fear, subs are here!

Look, we get it. Life gets busy. Instagram reels and noisy toddlers are distracting. We sit down and go to order coffee and wham! We forget to hit that last button and leave our coffee sitting in the damn cart. Well, with a Fat Poppy Subscription you just ‘set and forget’ with the added perks of:

  • Shipping for zilcho dollars (free!)
  • Choose the frequency of your deliveries
  • Yell at us ‘SHIP NOW’ (by ‘yell’ we mean simply click a button online 😉)
  • And easily skip an order if your household is drinking way less coffee than usual (as if!)

7. We’ve got two newbies in the Fat Poppy fam

Nope, we ain’t talking about the new bird on the block Blackbird Pods nor are we talking about our latest single origin from Kenya. Although they do both keep you awake like our other newbies. Introducing our newest Fat babies, Remi (Sasha’s new lil boy) and Florence (Juzzy’s new lil gal). Both bubs were born in July and a team pregnancy wasn’t planned, we swear!

8. Fat Poppy – what’s with the name?

Grab a cuppa and bare with us for a moment. When coffee trees bloom they’re covered in beautiful tiny white coffee flowers (pictured) and after the flowers fall, a coffee cherry grows in its place. These clever lil cherries each grow two coffee beans inside. For farmers, a big flowering is a hip hip hooray moment because it means they’re in for a big crop (lots of coffee!).

So, long story short. To us, Fat Poppy means big flowering!

9. It’s our 9th birthday today!

Well, to be honest, if you’re reading this after the 21st of September 2021, it ain’t our b’day anymore but it will be a biggie next year (a decade old, we’ll be taking long service leave). Thanks for the good times and the great times, Fat Poppy pals. We wouldn’t be here without you… and you and you and you. Mwah! x