We’ve got TWO of something NEW! (Psst new single o’s…)

New Fat Poppy Roasters Single Origin

Introducing our new Single O’s that have hit Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters this week.

First up, we have a peachy number from Ethiopia. 

Love peaches and ice-cream? Then you’ll love this one. 🍑

Where is it from? These fruity beans were farmed by a very passionate grower, Tesfaye Bekele. His farm can be found in a region called Shakiso, Guji, which is tucked away in southern Ethiopia.

How should I brew it?
Brew it black. Either as a long black or filter coffee. 

Batter up malty Nicaragua, you’ve got the spotlight now! 

You know the flesh of a fig that has a mild, sweet taste? Wash one down with a vanilla malt milkshake and you’ve got the gist of this one. 🥤

Where is it from? These malty beans have been grown by Dipilto Nueva in a region called Nueva Segovia, in northern Nicaragua, Central America.

Why did we choose this farm? Make a milky flat white or filter coffee. 

So whether you’re up for sipping on a sweet peachy flavour or fig with vanilla malt these two Single Origin coffees have got you covered.