Moccamaster Masterclass

Hands up if you’re that coffee friend who gets stuck in the kitchen making everyone coffee at parties, holidays, Christmas Day, and so on?! 🙋 It’s both flattering and annoying right?

Let us give you a word of advice – do yourself and favour and get a Moccamaster… like now, hurry! You can brew one pot of coffee ☕ for everyone in 5 mins.

Here’s how to brew a Moccamaster in a few simple steps. Get ready to ogle at its simplicity!

FOLD the paper filter at each hem and place into the brew basket.
RINSE the paper filter with hot water.
WEIGH 60g of ground coffee. The grind should be coarse and similar to that of a French Press.
POUR the ground coffee into the centre of your freshly-rinsed brew basket and create an even bed.

FILL the reservoir with 1 litre of cold, filtered water.PUSH the carafe into place so that the safety switch is compressed.OPEN the drip stop lever on the basket to the fully open position.TURN on the Moccamaster.
AGITATE the coffee at each 250ml interval by gently shaking the brew basket (this draws the coffee into the centre of the basket, promoting a more even extraction).
DRAIN all the cold water out of the reservoir.WAIT until the water has finished dripping through the brew basket.
CLOSE the drip stop lever on the basket to the closed position.
POUR a cup of your delicious brew.

Voila! The entire process should take approximately 5 minutes (told ya so!), now next step is to get yourself that Moccamaster we’ve been harping on about!