More NEW: Single Origin from Kenya and Costa Rica

Not only do Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters have our new peachy Ethiopia and malty Nicaragua single origin coffees available online, we now have two more newbies to add the mix; one jammy and one tropical….

Kenya Single Origin Coffee

Meet Kenya!

If sipping on a dessert wine or devouring a bowl of sweet red cherries sounds delicious to you, you’ll love this one.

Where is it from? 
These jammy beans were produced by Kaitet, his farm can be found in the Northern Rift Valley in Kenya.

Did you know…
Hujambo, pronounced “hoo-JAHM-boh” means hello in Swahili.


Fat Poppy Single Origin Coffee Costa RicaMeet Costa Rica!

Combine the nutty flavour of nougat with the tropical taste of mango and boom you’re sipping on this one!

Where is it from?
These tropical beans have been produced by Gerardo Arias on his farm in Tarrazú, Costa Rica.

Did you know…
Slow sloths, commonly found in Costa Rica, are actually fast swimmers and can hold their breath for 40 minutes underwater!