11 Coffee Flavours for our 11th Birthday 🧁

Fat Poppy Coffee Roaster Birthday

We will be eating cake 🧁  and sippin’ on 11 coffee flavours for our 11th Birthday this month! 

We’ve got a Single O’s that’ll take you straight to the Bahamas and Blends that’ll cut through the milk for a super delish start to your day.

  1. Popular Superstar, Hollywood Blend
  2. Middle Gal, Lovelace Blend
  3. Gorgeous heavy hitter, Blackbird Blend
  4. Blueberry Burst from Ethiopia
  5. Raspberry Crumble from Ethiopia
  6. Peachy Washed Geisha from Panama
  7. Boozy Natural Geisha from Panama
  8. Piña Colada from El Salvador
  9. Sweet with a lil bit of Sour from Burundi
  10. Plum Blast from Rwanda
  11. Creamy Decaffeinated Decaf

And hey, to celebrate our Birthday we’re giving y’all 30% off all coffee.

Use code: HOORAY30

Thanks for the good times and the great times, Fat Poppy pals.

We wouldn’t be here without you… and you and you and you. Mwah! x