4 Tips For Storing Your Beans

Storing your coffee beans

If your coffee beans could talk, they’d probably have a lot to say about the places they’ve been and the mishaps they’ve endured. But don’t worry, we are here to give you some easy peasy coffee storage tips.

1. Keep It Cool, Like the Fonz 👍❄️

Your coffee loves the cool vibe – think of it as the Fonz of the kitchen. Store it in a cool place, but not too cool. Just find a nice, dark corner for your beans to chill out in.

2. Sun: The Coffee Vampire ☀️🧛

Coffee and sunlight are mortal enemies. Just as vampires fear the sun, coffee beans cringe at the thought of it. Keep your coffee out of direct sunlight and your beans will thank you by staying vibrant and delicious.

3. Heat Sealed Bags: The Coffee’s Hug 🛍️

Our coffee bags aren’t just bags. They are cozy, heat-sealed cocoons. Picture your coffee beans wrapped up tight in a warm blanket, sealed with a kiss of a heat sealer. No funny business here, just pure bean love. These bags keep the flavour locked in and the nasties out, ensuring your coffee stays as fresh as the day it was roasted.

4. The Oxygen No-Entry Zone 🚫

Coffee beans do not like oxygen. That’s why our bags have one-way valves – the coffee world’s version of a VIP entrance. Fresh air stays out, and the delightful aroma of your coffee stays in. It’s like the perfect party where only the cool kids (aka your coffee) get to hang out.

So, the next time you stock up on coffee, remember these tips to keep your beans fresher than a morning daisy.🌼 Now, go forth and brew!